We build connections that thrive for both health consumers and brands. And our work is grounded in a multidimensional understanding of individual health consumers and what each one values at each crucial moment along their distinct journey.


We go beyond demographics and media consumption habits to create a robust portrait of a health consumer. We use human truth mining and data analytics, leveraging innovative social listening and third-party data sources to understand purchase behavior and health attitudes.


We take an outside-in approach to solution development that brings in best practices from across industries beyond health. This forms the foundation for developing progressive, personalized, and seamless engagements that health consumers demand for all transactions.

Global, powerful, data-driven

Our diverse range of capabilities allows us to identify what a health consumer values and to build solutions grounded in innovative creative and technology. And, as a practice within RAPP Worldwide, we are able to offer capabilities as a global data and digital powerhouse.

  • CRM and Loyalty Programs
  • Targeted Acquisition
  • Lead Gen and Nurturing
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Loyalty, Referral and Advocacy Programs
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Advertising
  • Digital Experience Strategy + Design
  • Digital Asset Development
  • Content Strategy + Creation
  • Web Development
  • Gamified Platforms
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Product + Service Design
  • App Development
  • Integration Support
  • Location-Based Marketing
  • Mobile Experience Optimization
  • E-Commerce Strategy + Design
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Digital Marketplace Optimization
  • Shoppable Content

The moments that matter

Our toolbox includes the Affinity Loop™. We develop deep insights all along a health consumer's journey. We then deliver value at the moments that matter, driving health consumer engagement from awareness to diagnosis to the doctor discussion to treatment to adherence to advocacy.

RAPP Affinity Loop
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Five Keys for How You Can Make Marketing All About the Patient
RAPP Well discusses how brands can overcome negative perceptions of healthcare experiences by shifting their marketing focus from messaging on efficacy, product functionality and attributes, and benefits-at-use to addressing the scope of patient emotions, experiences, and hurdles throughout the patient journey. Because, while aspects like functionality are important, they aren’t what create brand value.


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Snapshot of who we've worked with

We have a wide range of health and wellness experience that spans industry sectors and therapeutic areas. Our deep general consumer experience also informs our approach and the work we deliver.



Onward, a patient support program for Gilead's hepatitis C franchise—including HARVONI and EPCLUSA—that provides highly personalized information, guidance, and encouragement to help each patient move forward on their individual path from disease awareness to treatment initiation to cure.

An engaging digital web experience used to close the two-year hesitation period of the target audience and accelerate diagnosis and treatment with VIAGRA before the brand loses market exclusivity.

An integrated digital strategy designed to shift perceptions of how to prevent food allergies in babies by reframing the conversation. Using educational content and community engagement to promote the idea of allergen supplements, tees up the promotion of SpoonfulOne.

The Noseprint, an eCRM program that uses personalized content delivered across multiple platforms including web, social media, and an app to build loyalty among key brands like Milk-Bone and Meow Mix, and create engaging relationships by supporting the pet parent community.

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The health and wellness landscape is always evolving, and the way brands engage with health consumers needs to keep pace with an ever-changing world. Today, consumers expect their health experiences to resemble their retail experiences — personalized and frictionless.

RAPP Well prioritizes healthy outcomes — for consumers and our clients. We’ll also help transform your engagement strategies, create better connections with consumers, and build brand value. Connect with us and we’ll show you more of what we can do for your business.